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My Leadership Approach: Visions change. This is a fact inherent to the creative process. Sometimes that change is an improvement, and often it is provided by someone other than the director.  The people we work with have more to offer than sometimes they are given credit for. Creating a truly collaborative environment void of controlling nature, can benefit the working atmosphere and the potency of the stories we tell. I vow as a director forever and always to create a space for others’ ideas, to approach my team with empathy and an open my mind, and to remain flexible until the day the curtain falls.  We directors need vision to support our productions and tell our stories properly, but the moment we allow guidance to meet sovereignty we cease control of the lighthouse that steers our ships away from the sharp rocks of mediocrity. In turn, to become a dictator means the  loss of creativity, and the relinquishing of the stories we tell to the deep sea below. 

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